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African Studies

Cross-Listed Courses

  • AFRI–A 500 Advanced Topics in African Studies (1-4 cr.) Advanced and intensive study of selected topics in African Studies. To include topics not ordinarily covered by existing African Studies Program courses. May not duplicate a regularly offered course.
  • AFRI–L 400 Topics in African Studies (3 cr.)
  • AFRI–OS 500 Undistributed Overseas Credit (1-3 cr.)
  • AFRI–A 650 Interdisciplinary Research Methods (3 cr.) Prepares students to conduct scholarly research and social-impact analysis in Africa as well as design and implement project focused on contemporary issues in areas ranging from development and the environment to health and politics. Also provides students with the background for assessing the results of already completed studies.
  • AFRI–A 651 Independent Research / Directed Readings (1-3 cr.) Individually designed course in preparation for and writing of M.A. thesis. Must be directed by an African Studies faculty affiliate and approved by the student’s disciplinary advisor and the African Studies Program director. May include fieldwork in Africa and/or research in museums, archives, and libraries. May be repeated for up to 6 credit hours.
  • AFRI–A 689 Independent Project in Black Literature (3 cr.)
  • AFRI–A 731 Seminar on contemporary Africa (1-3 cr.) Offered by Af­rican Studies faculty across the disciplines on variable topics.
  • AFRI–A 732 Bibliography of Sub-Saharan Africa (3 cr.) Introduction to the bibliography of Africa south of the Sahara, covering major reference works and bibliographies; regional, trade, and na­tional bibliographies; government publications, social sciences, humanities, statistics, rare books, manuscripts, and online data­bases. Compilation of a comprehensive bibliography required.
  • GRAD–I 701 Multidisciplinary Seminar on Issues and Approaches in Global Studies (3 cr.)

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