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Biochemistry, Interdisciplinary


Director of Graduate Studies

Professor Jim Drummond

Graduate Faculty

(An asterisk [*] denotes membership in the University Graduate School faculty with the endorsement to direct doctoral disser­tations.)

Class of ’54

Carl Bauer* (MCB/Biology) 

Carlos Miller Professor

Craig Pikaard* (MCB/Biology)

Clyde Culbertson Professor of Biology

Yves Brun* (Biology)

Lilly Chemistry Alumni Chair

Milos Novotny* (Chemistry)

Linda and Jack Gill Chairs of Neuroscience

Cary Hsing Chao Lai*, (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Kenneth P. Mackie* (Psychological and Brain Sciences)

Robert and Marjorie Mann Chair

David Clemmer* (Chemistry)

Standiford H. Cox Professor

Richard DiMarchi* (Chemistry)

Distinguished Professors

Carl Bauer* (MCB/Biology), Milos Novotny* (Chemistry), Peter Ortol­eva* (Chemistry)


Joseph Bonanno* (Optometry), Jose Bonner* (Biology), Yves Brun* (Biology), Peter Cherbas* (Biology), David Clemmer* (Chemistry), Richard DiMarchi* (Chemistry), Patricia Foster* (Biology), Clay Fuqua* (Biology), David Giedroc* (Chemistry), Cheng Kao* (MCB), Kenneth Nephew* (Cellular and Integra­tive Physiology, Medical Sciences), Craig Pikaard* (MCB/Biology), James Reilly* (Chemistry), Claire Walczak* (Medical Sciences), Theodore Widlanski* (Chemistry), Malcolm Winkler* (Biology), Jeffrey Zaleski* (Chemistry), Adam Zlotnick* (MCB)

Associate Professors

Brian Calvi* (Biology), Lingling Chen* (MCB), David Daleke* (Medical Sciences), Bogdan Dragnea* (Chemistry), Jim Drummond* (MCB), John Foley* (Medical Sciences), Richard Hardy* (Biology), David Kehoe* (Biology), Kyung-Tai Min* (Biology), Martha Oakley* (Chemistry) 

Assistant Professors

Heather Bradshaw* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Pranav Danthi* (Biology), Peter Hollenhorst (Medical Sciences), Heather Hundley (Medical Sciences), Melanie Marketon* (Biology), Tuli Mukhopadhyay* (Biology), Manjari Mazumdar (Medical Sciences), David Nelson* (Biology), Joseph Pomerening* (Biology), Anne Prieto* (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Sidney Shaw* (Biology)

Graduate Advisor

Associate Professor Jim Drummond*, Simon Hall 305C, (812) 856-4184

Academic Bulletins

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