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Latino Studies


Graduate Minor Director

John Nieto-Phillips* (History)

Graduate Faculty

(An asterisk [*] denotes membership in the University Graduate School faculty with the endorsement to direct doctoral disser­tations.)


Richard Bauman* (Emeritus, Anthropology, Folklore), Luis Dávila* (Spanish & Portuguese), Luis Fuentes-Rohwer (Law), Jeffrey L. Gould* (History), Peter Guardino* (History), John McDowell* (Folklore and Ethnomusicology), Christiana Ochoa ( Law), Iris Rosa (African American and African Diaspora Studies), Alberto Torchinsky* (Mathematics)
Associate Professors

Raquel T. Anderson* (Speech and Hearing Sciences), J. César Félix-Brasdefer* (Spanish and Portuguese), Deborah N. Cohn* (Spanish & Portuguese), Arlene J. Díaz* (History), Manuel Díaz-Campos* (Spanish & Portuguese), Vivian Nun Halloran* (Comparative Literature), Bradley Levinson* (Educational Leadership and Policy Studies), Gerardo López* (Educational Leadership and Policy Studies), Rebecca Martínez* (Counseling and Educational Psychology), Alejandro Mejías-López* (Span­ish & Portuguese), John Nieto-Phillips* (History), Fabio Rojas (Sociology), Vasti Torres* (Educational Leadership and Policy Studies)

Assistant Professors

Zobeida E. Bonilla (Applied Health Science), Serafin Coronel-Molina* (Education), Lessie Jo Frazier* (Gender Studies), Luis A. González (Wells Library), Javier León (Folklore and Ethnomu­sicology), Sylvia Martínez (Educational Leadership and Policy Studies), Eden Medina* (School of Informatics), Daniel Suslak (Anthropology), Mariana Tres (Fine Arts)

Academic Bulletins

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