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India Studies
Cross-Listed Courses

Cross-Listed Courses

L774 Topics in International English Literature (4 cr.)

F600 Asian Folklore and Folk Music (3 cr.)

H630 Colloquium in British and British Imperial History (4 cr.)
H730 Seminar in British and British Imperial History (4 cr.)

Political Science
Y657 Comparative Politics Topic:  Ethnicity, Politics and Violence in South Asia (3 cr.)
Y669 The International Politics of South Asia (3 cr.)

Religious Studies
R547 Meditation Traditions of India (3 cr.)
R551 Religions of South Asia (3 cr.)
R597 Sanskrit Religious Literature (3 cr.)
R603 Seminar in Comparative Mysticism (3 cr.)
R604 Seminar in Cross-Cultural Philosophy of Religion (3 cr.)
R605 Seminar on India Studies (3 cr.)
R650 The Hindu Tradition (3 cr.)
R651 South Asian Buddhism (3 cr.)
R656 Buddhism in Central Asia (3 cr.)
R658 Materials and Methods in Buddhist Studies (3 cr.)

T468 Non-Western Theatre and Drama (3 cr.)

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