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Human Rights
Center for the Study of Global Change

Human Rights Director

Christiana Ochoa

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Graduate Faculty

Courses which meet the criteria of the Ph.D. Minor in Human Rights are taught by faculty from across the university.

Ph.D. Minor in Human Rights

The Ph.D. Minor in Human Rights requires students explore the intersection of global and local contexts at the heart of human rights discourse. It takes a holistic and multidisciplinary approach, asking students to be aware of how law, cultural values and practice, social and political institutions, national and supranational bodies, and policy interact, integrate, and conflict with one another to create an international human rights regime and the discourse and practice surrounding it. The program is applied as well as oriented to research and theory.

Course Requirements

The Ph.D. Minor in Human Rights consists of five classes totaling fifteen credits. All students are required to take a Multidisciplinary Graduate Seminar in Human Rights (I705) and two classes totaling six credits from a list of core courses that privilege the learning objectives of the minor in their content. Two elective courses totaling six credits are also required. Elective courses have been determined in consultation with faculty who teach the courses and after review of class syllabi. By minor completion, students will have completed coursework in three academic areas beyond their own disciplines. Students are also allowed to request other course options, in consultation with their advisors and the Human Rights Minor Director.

I705 Multidisciplinary Graduate Seminar on Human Rights (3 cr.) This multidisciplinary seminar is the gateway course for the Ph.D. Minor in Human Rights, though students from all graduate programs and schools with interests in human rights are welcome to attend.

Required Core Course: Anthropology (3 cr.) 

  • ANTH E600 Seminar in Cultural and Social Anthropology; Topic: Anthropology of Human Rights

Required Core Course: Law (3 cr.) 

(One of these two Law courses are required): 

  • LAW B793 Human Rights
  • LAW L793 Seminar in Human Rights

Two Electives (6 cr.) Selected from list available on minor website.

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