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Institute of German Studies
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The Institute of German Studies provides graduate students with a flexible curriculum to pursue study and research in the society and cultural production of German-speaking Europe from 1740 to the present. Most work on this subject unfolds through consideration of diverse critical paradigms. Study in the Institute is linked closely, but not exclusively, to the mas­ter’s degree in modern German culture in the Department of Germanic Studies and is also open to students from related dis­ciplines (e.g., West European Studies, History, Political Science, Philosophy, the Program in Cultural Studies, the Jewish Studies Program, and the School of Music). The Institute also offers a Ph.D. minor. Courses are taught by the faculty of the Depart­ment of Germanic Studies specializing in 1740 to the present and by instructors in related disciplines.

Ph.D. Minor in German Studies

The Ph.D. minor in German studies is available to doctoral students in all departments except Germanic Studies; 15 credit hours of course work are required. Consult the director of the Institute for information regarding courses acceptable for the minor.

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