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Institute of German Studies



Associate Professor Michael Chaouli*

Graduate Faculty

(An asterisk [*] denotes membership in the University Graduate School faculty with the endorsement to direct doctoral disser­tations.)


George Buelow* (Emeritus, Music), Matei Calinescu* (Emeri­tus, Comparative Literature), Frederick Churchill* (Emeritus, History and Philosophy of Science), James Diehl* (Emeritus, History), Paul Eisenberg* (Emeritus, Philosophy), Norman Furniss* (Emeritus, Political Science), Ingeborg Hoesterey* (Emerita, Germanic Studies, Comparative Literature), Hildegard Keller* (Germanic Studies), Breon Mitchell* (Germanic Stud­ies, Comparative Literature), Elinor Ostrom* (Political Science), David Pace* (History), William W. Rasch* (Germanic Studies), Alvin Rosenfeld* (English), Terence Thayer* (Emeritus, German­ic Studies), Marc A. Weiner* (Germanic Studies, Comparative Literature)

Associate Professors

Claudia Breger* (Germanic Studies), Fritz Alwin Breithaupt* (Germanic Studies, West European Studies), Michel Chaouli* (Germanic Studies), Michelle Facos* (Fine Arts)

Assistant Professors

Benjamin Robinson* (Germanic Studies), Johannes Türk* (Germanic Studies), Brigitta Wagner* (Germanic Studies)

Academic Advisor

Associate Professor Michael Chaouli*, Ballantine Hall 660,(812) 855-8847

Academic Bulletins

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