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Graduate Certificate in Digital Media

The media landscape is changing rapidly, and understanding that landscape is vital in functioning as a professional communicator. Understanding digital technologies and multimedia storytelling are central competencies required of those working in many industries, such as journalism, public relations, advertising and travel/tourism.

All courses are 3 credit hours, unless otherwise noted. A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required.

Core Courses

  • IDIS-D 512 Topic: Social Media Strategies
  • IDIS-D 513 Topic: Human Computer Interaction

Informatics Course

  • Complete one of the following:
    • IDIS-D 513 Topic: Introduction to Network Science
    • IDIS-D 513 Topic: Legal and Social Informatics of Security
    • IDIS-D 513 Topic: Interaction Design Practice
    • IDIS-D 513 Topic: Application of Data Mining

Journalism and Public Relations

  • Complete two of the following:
    • IDIS-D 511 Topic: Crisis Management
    • IDIS-D 511 Topic: Public Relations
    • IDIS-D 512 Topic: Photojournalism Reporting
    • IDIS-D 512 Topic: Photojournalism Editing
    • IDIS-D 512 Topic: Public Relations Writing
    • IDIS-D 512 Topic: Writing for Publicatoin
    • IDIS-D 512 Topic: Principles of Public Realations
    • IDIS-D 512 Topic: Multimedia Reporting
    • IDIS-D 512 Topic: Online Journalism
    • IDIS-D 512 Topic: Videojournalism

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