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The Master of Science in Education (M.S.Ed) with a major in counseling qualifies graduates for a K-12 school counseling license, making them eligible to work in Indiana or Kentucky as a school counselor. It combines rigorous coursework, clinical experience in a cohort format and conference attendance to prepare them for a leading role in supporting student academic success in the classroom, in social groups and individually. The program consists of 48 credit hours and takes two and one half years to complete.




Complete the following course
EDUC-G 500 Orientation to Counseling 3 B
Complete the following course
EDUC-K 505 Introduction Sp Ed for Grad Students 3 B
Complete one of the following courses
EDUC-K 553 Classroom Mgmt & Behavior Support 3 B
EDUC-P 570 Managing Classsroom Behavior 3 B
Complete the following courses
EDUC-G 504 Counseling Theory/Tech II: Beh/Fam Sys 3 B
EDUC-G 505 Indiv Apprais: Prin & Proc 3 B
EDUC-G 507 Lifestyle & Career Development 3 B
EDUC-G 523 Laboratory Counseling & Guidance 3 B
EDUC-G 524 Practicum in Counseling 3 B
EDUC-G 532 Intro to Group Couseling 3 B
EDUC-G 542 Org & Develop of Counseling Programs 3 B
EDUC-G 550 Internship in Counseling 6 B
EDUC-G 562 School Counseling 3 B
EDUC-G 575 Multicultural Counseling 3 B
EDUC-G 585 Contemp Issues in Counseling 3 B


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