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The School of Education at Indiana University Southeast offers Master of Science degrees in Education with majors in Elementary Education, Secondary Education, and Counseling. The Candidates in the Master of Science degree in Elementary or Secondary Education may choose to add an area to their license: Reading, Gifted and Talented, Technology (Computer Education) and English as a Second Language.  In addition, the School offers graduate certification (licensure) programs in Reading, certain areas of Special Education, Gifted and Talented Technology (Computer Education), English as a Second Language, and Educational Leadership (Building Level Administrator).  These programs may also be used as concentrations to the Rank 1.  We offer a substantial number of graduate-level courses applicable to license renewal, master's plus programs, professional development credit, or certification programs.  The Master of Science Degree in Elementary or Secondary Education is designed for those holding a valid teaching license.  The Master of Science Degree in Counseling is designed for those holding a valid teaching license as well as those who do not hold a teaching license but wish to become school counselors.

Admission Requirements and Process for Elementary and Secondary Education

Performance-based assessments called “Summative Decision Points”  (SDPs) are opportunities to review candidate progress towards meeting the program standards at four points during the program. SDP I is the admission process and acceptance as a program candidate. Candidates complete an online application; identify areas of strength and for growth; hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution; hold a valid teacher license; have a minimum GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale in all undergraduate course work and have at least a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale in all graduate course work and attend a face-to-face or virtual advising session. 

The School of Education accepts applications on a rolling basis. Applications are accepted anytime and reviewed up until ten days before the term begins.

Carefully review all admission requirements for your program of interest and assemble for submission these materials:

  • Completed Advising Form, emailed to Diretor of Graduate Studies, Dr. Lisa Hoffman She will confirm receipt of the form, may ask additional information or request a phone conversation.  If necessary, a meeting will be scheduled. Questions about the Master of Science in Education with a major in elementary education may be directed to Dr. Hoffman at e-mail above, telephone (812) 941-2137. You may request to meet in person for advising.
  • Completed online application. A $40 graduate application fee is assessed when applying to the program. If a previous graduate application fee was paid the fee may be waived. To determine if fee is to be waived, contact the School of Education Records Specialist at (812) 941-2388.
  • Personal Statement. On the Uploads tab of online application, upload a personal statement identifying your academic goals, career objectives and reasons for applying to this program. Use the Prompts 1 and 2 that follow as guides for writing your personal statement/admission essay, which should be approximately 500 words.
Prompt #1. Review the School of Education (SOE) teaching disposition(s) below. In your essay, identify and discuss two teaching dispositions you practice best, and two teaching dispositions you want to improve as you pursue your graduate study. Include specific examples based upon your professional experiences.
School of Education (SOE) Teaching Dispositions
Teachers will:
  • Respect the accepted legal and ethical norms and values of education.
  • Effectively interact and collaborate with others and foster similar behaviors among students.
  • Commit to diversity through equitable treatment and respect for all individuals.
  • Exhibit personal management behaviors valued by the professional education community.
  • Exhibit enthusiasm and respect for education as a practice and a profession.
  • Commit to continuous self-evaluation and personal improvement.
  • Commit to the belief that all children can learn.

Prompt #2. Some students have a background, identity, interest, or talent that is so meaningful they believe their application would be incomplete without it. If this sounds like you, then please share your story.

  • Copy of Current Teaching License. Also on the Uploads tab, upload a copy your current license or statement of eligibility. Emergency license not acceptable 
  •  Official copies of all transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate work completed at institutions other than an IU. A 2.5 GPA for all undergraduate course work, 3.0 GPA for all graduate course work is required. Transcripts should be directed to:
IU Southeast School of Education
Hillside Hall 108A
4201 Grant Line Road
New Albany, IN 47150

Admission Requirements and Process for Counseling

Candidates interested in the School Counseling Program will submit two separate applications.

Application #1, known as Decision Point I, allows qualified candidates admission to the Graduate School to take the necessary pre-requisite courses before they submit Application #2, known as Decision Point II, to the Clinical Cohort. If candidate has an undergraduate GPA of at least 2.5 or a graduate GPA of at least 3.0, they will be admitted to Application #1, Decision Point I and can begin taking pre-requisite courses.

Pre-Requisite Courses
All candidates must take G500 Orientation to Counseling before submitting Application #2. Some candidates must also take a course in Special Education and Classroom Management.

Application # 2, also known as Decision Point II, is for admission to the Clinical Cohort, which allows qualified candidates to complete the 12 courses necessary to earn a Master's of Science in Education, as a School Counseling Major. Candidates submit Application #2, Decision Point II March 1st, are admitted to the Clinical Cohort in May, and will complete the 12 courses in a pre-determined sequence, completing the program in 24 months. Candidates are required to have 1 year post-bachelor’s experience working with young children to be eligible for the Clinical Coursework.

How to Submit Application #1 or Decision Point I
  • Attend the next Decision Point I Advising Sessions.
  • Print and bring an Advising Checklist and the Candidate Advising Information Form to the advising session.
  • Complete online application. Neither personal statements nor departmental questions are required. A $40 application fee is assessed when applying to program. If a previous application fee was paid the fee should be waived. To determine if fee is to be waived, contact our Records Specialist at (812) 941-2388.
  • Submit official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate work completed at institutions other than an IU school. Candidates must have at least a 3.0 GPA for graduate coursework or a 2.5 GPA for undergraduate coursework.

Once materials are received, the Program Coordinator will review transcripts and candidate will receive an official letter in the mail along with a detailed Academic Advising Checklist to indicate which Pre-Requisites the candidate must take before submitting Application 2, Application to the Cohort.

How to begin Application #2, Decision Point II, to the Clinical Cohort

The Clinical Cohort begins each year in May; the application deadline for the Clinical Cohort is March 1st

  • Complete necessary Pre-requisite courses, as indicated by the Academic Checklist you received when conditionally admitted to Graduate School as a School Counseling major.
  • Print and read detailed instructions on compiling your Application #2 Clinical Cohort Binder.
  • Attend Application #2 Advising Session. Dates can be found on our website.
  • Print the Field Experience Form, to be included in your submitted application.
  • Print the Terms of Agreement Form, also to be included in your submitted application.
  • Submit Application #2 Clinical Cohort Binder to Dr. Bradley's office, Hillside Hall Room 0008, or to the main office the School of Education by March 1st.
Note: Candidates may still be completing requirements the semester in which they apply for the Clinical Cohort, but must be finished with all requirements at the end of that semester to be eligible for acceptance into the Clinical Cohort.

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