Master of Science in Management

The Indiana University Southeast Masters of Science in Management degree focuses on the skills required to be a successful manager or leader of an organization in areas such as non-profit, government, healthcare or for-profit enterprise. This program enables students without a business undergraduate degree to earn a graduate business degree in just one year. To fit the needs of working adults, courses for the M.S. in Management are offered on the campus of IU Southeast in New Albany and at the IU Southeast Graduate Center in Jeffersonville. The courses are delivered in a variety of formats, including in-class, online, blended and accelerated.

Degree Requirements

Students receiving the Master of Science in Management must complete 30 total graduate credit hours including:

  • Management Core (21 cr.)
  • Track (9 cr.)
  • A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required
  • All courses are 3 credit hours unless otherwise noted

Management Core (21 cr.)

  • BUSE-A 500 Speaking the Language of Business
  • BUSE-E 548 Organizations and Organizational Change Management
  • BUSE-B 511 Business Communications
  • BUSE-A 508 Organizational Behavior and Leadership
  • BUSE-E 552 Negotiation
  • BUSE-Z 506 Managing the Team-Based Organization
  • BUSE-B 510 Managerial Ethics

Track (9 cr.)

Students will choose a track in either Human Resources or General Management

Human Resources Track

  • BUSE-E 554 Human Resource Management
  • BUSE-E 549 Industrial Labor Relations
  • BUSE-E 558 Wage and Salary Administration

General Management Track

  • Complete 3 of the following for 9 credit hours
    • BUSE-E 590 (K350) Data Analytics and Visualization
    • BUSE-E 553 Consumer Behavior
    • BUSE-E 590 (M380) Market Analytics
    • BUSE-E 578 Business and Economics Applications of Geographical Information Systems
    • BUSE-A 507 Modeling and Simulation
    • BUSE-E 549 Industrial Labor Relations
    • BUSE-E 551 Managerial Forecasting
    • BUSE-E 554 Human Resource Management
    • BUSE-E 558 Wage and Salary Administration
    • BUSE-E 590 (M435) Digital Marketing
    • BUSE-E 590 (M426) Sales Management



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