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The Robert A. and Sandra S. Borns Jewish Studies Program (JSTU) has as its objective the study of Jews and Judaism from antiquity to the present and their interaction with and impact on world history and world cultures. Our program draws on the many disciplines necessary to study the multifaceted Jewish experience, thus bringing a variety of approaches to the study of Jewish civilization. Contributing departments include Anthropology, Comparative Literature, English, Fine Arts, Germanic Studies, History, Hutton Honors College, Musicology, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, Political Science, Religious Studies, and Slavic and East European Languages and Cultures. Modern and Biblical Hebrew language courses and Hebrew literature and culture courses taught within the Jewish Studies Program offer students a way to understand Jewish culture and its historical experience through literary analysis of texts and artifacts. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of the Jewish Studies Program, students enrolled in the B.A. or certificate programs have the opportunity to structure course work individually, according to their specific areas of interest.

Students in the Jewish Studies Program can pursue either a B.A. in Jewish studies or a certificate in Jewish studies. Students, in addition, may complete a Jewish Studies-affiliated minor, such as the minor in Hebrew or the minor in Yiddish studies (through Germanic Studies). These programs are open to students from all academic and personal backgrounds.

We encourage students planning to major in Jewish studies to see the Jewish studies advisor in their first or second semester. Students may call (812) 855-0453 to make an appointment.

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