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The Institute for European Studies (EURO), a program in the College of Arts and Sciences, offers interdisciplinary programs that combine courses in the social sciences, humanities, and languages to give students a broad understanding of the countries of Europe and the European Union. The program offers a certificate and two undergraduate minors: the European Studies certificate and minor and the European Union Studies minor. All three credentials combine core courses with elective courses from other departments and schools.

Some courses to fulfill the certificate and minors are listed under "Institute for European Studies"; others are offered through various departments. Students may combine two of these credentials but they must be completed with a distinct set of courses. Students must meet with the Institute for European Studies academic advisor to apply for the certificate and minors and to work out the course plan.

The Institute for European Studies is affiliated with the new School of Global and International Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences, dedicated to providing Indiana University undergraduates with the intellectual tools they will need to live, work, and thrive in the globalized world of the twenty-first century. Degree programs associated with SGIS emphasize language proficiency, cultural competency, and in-depth training in qualitative and quantitative methodologies. SGIS students will enjoy unparalleled access to a stellar faculty and career-focused advising. 

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