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Theatre, Drama, and Contemporary Dance

Major in Musical Theatre—B.F.A.

The B.F.A. Major in Musical Theatre trains exceptional students who seek a professional career in musical theatre within the context of an outstanding liberal arts education offered by Indiana University. Admission to the B.F.A. program is by audition, typically prior to the beginning of the freshman year. The B.F.A. in Musical Theatre provides the rigorous curriculum needed to train students in acting, singing and dancing. In addition to performance technique classes, students will participate in a rich core of theatre and music classes, professional classes in "careers in professional theatre" as well as enhanced master classes by visiting guest artists. Designed to bring out the best in an individual, the B.F.A. in Musical Theatre was created within the context of a liberal arts education. The program will be limited to only 10 to 14 admissions a year providing enormous individual attention throughout the student's career at Indiana University.

Required Courses

Students must complete at least 83 credit hours in theatre, dance, and music:

1. 54 credit hours in Theatre, Drama, and Contemporary Dance, to include:

  • T100 Introduction to Theatre (3 cr.)
  • T101 Script Analysis (3 cr.)
  • T121 Acting I for Majors: Introduction to Acting (3 cr.)
  • T125 Introduction to Theatrical Production (3 cr.)
  • T220 Acting II: Scene Study (3 cr.)
  • T300 Musical Theatre Workshop (3 cr., must be repeated to 12 cr.)
  • T305 Voice for Musical Theatre (1 cr., must be taken every semester while in residence with a minimum of 4 cr. and a maximum of 8 cr.)
  • T319 Acting III: Advanced Scene Study (3 cr.)
  • T325 Voice and Speech (3 cr.)
  • T334 Costume Design and Technology I (3 cr.)
  • T335 Stage Lighting Design (3 cr.)
  • T370-T371 History of Theatre and Drama I-II (3-3 cr.)
  • T401 Musical Theatre Senior Showcase (1 cr.)

2. 18 credit hours in dance:

  • THTR-T 301-T302 Musical Theatre Dance Styles I-II (3-3 cr.); THTR-T 307 Advanced Musical Theatre Dance Styles (3 cr.) may be substituted for T301 and/or T302.
  •   An additional 12 credit hours from the following list, with the approval of the director of musical theatre:


  • MUS-J 100 Ballet Elective (2 cr.)
  • THTR-T 307 Theatre Dance (2 cr.)

Tap Dance chosen from:

  • THTR-D 154 Beginning Tap Dance (1 cr.)
  • THTR-D 254 Intermediate Tap Dance (1 cr.)
  • THTR-D 354 Advanced Tap Dance (1 cr.)

Jazz chosen from:

  • THTR-D 156 Introduction to Jazz Dance Technique (1 cr.)
  • THTR-D 256 Intermediate Jazz Dance (1 cr.)
  • THTR-D 456 Advanced Jazz Dance (2 cr.)
  • MUS-J 210 Jazz Dance (1 cr.)

Modern Dance chosen from:

  • THTR-D 155 Modern Dance (1 cr.)
  • THTR-D 255 Modern Dance—Intermediate (1 cr.)
  • THTR-D 355 Modern Dance I Advanced (1 cr.)
  • THTR-T 202 Musical Theatre Dance Technique (2 cr.)
  • THTR-T 410 Movement for the Theatre (3 cr.)
  • SPH-K 280 Basic Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries (2 cr.)

3. 11 credit hours in music, to include:

  • MUS-Z 111 Introduction to Music Theory (3 cr.)
  • MUS-Z 112 Introduction to Music Skills (3 cr.)
  • MUS-Z 373 The American Musical (3 cr.)

Cultural Studies in Music: 3 credit hours chosen from:

  • AAAD-A 110 African American Choral Ensemble (2 cr.)
  • AAAD-A112 Black Music of Two Worlds (3 cr.)
  • AAAD-A 120 Soul Revue (2 cr.)
  • AAAD-A 290 Sociocultural Perspectives of African American Music (3 cr.)
  • AAAD-A 388 Motown (3 cr.)
  • MUS-M 392 Art Music of the Non-Western World (3 cr.)
  • MUS-M 397 Popular Music of Black America (3 cr.)
  • MUS-Z 201/Z202 History of Rock and Roll Music I/II (3-3 cr.)
  • MUS-Z 282 Music of Russia (3 cr.)
  • MUS-Z 385 History of the Blues (3 cr.)
  • MUS-Z 393 History of Jazz (3 cr.)
  • MUS-Z 394 Black Music in America (3 cr.)
  • MUS-Z 395 Contemporary Jazz and Soul Music (3 cr.)
  • MUS-Z 413 Latin American Popular Music (3 cr.)

4.  THTR-T 203 IU Broadway Cabaret (0–1 cr.) required for first four semesters.

Students must also complete the B.A. degree requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences.

Note: Students pursuing the B.F.A. in Musical Theatre may also pursue the Dance Minor; however, only one course may be applied to both credentials. Students should consult with the Theatre, Drama, and Contemporary Dance advisor for more information about this combination.