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Speech and Hearing Sciences

Speech and Hearing Major—B.A.

The B.A. Major in Speech and Hearing Sciences curriculum provides a general liberal arts base, with strong preparation in the normal processes of speech, language, and hearing along with specialized training in communication disorders. The B.A. is for students who are seeking a broad liberal arts and sciences education that centers on the processes of normal and disordered communication, and who do not necessarily plan to continue toward a clinical career in the field.

Required Courses 

Students must complete the following Speech and Hearing Sciences courses for a minimum of 33 credit hours. At least 18 credit hours must be at the 300--400 level.

  1. SPHS-S 110 or S215
  2. SPHS-S 111, S201, S302, S307, S311*, S333, S350, and S375.
  3. 6 additional credit hours of SPHS-S 425 and S427, or SPHS-S 425 and S429, or SPHS-S 427 and S429.

Students may elect to take additional topics of SPHS-S 425, S427, and S429, for a maximum of 42 credit hours toward the major in Speech and Hearing Sciences.

*Note: PSY-P 211 may replace SPHS-S 311 for students who also pursue a major in Psychology.

Students must complete the following additional courses outside of the department of Speech and Hearing Sciences:

  1. PSY-P 101 or P155
  2. LING-L 203
  3. STAT-S 303 or PSY-K 300
  4. 3 credit hours in biology or ANAT-A 215 or PHSL-P 215
  5. 3 credit hours in physics or chemistry
Students must also complete the degree requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences.