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Spanish and Portuguese

Spanish at the Global Village Living-Learning Center

The department cooperates with the Global Village Living-Learning Center in offering residential options for students with an interest in languages and cultures. Students may request a roommate who speaks the same foreign language and will live among other students in the Global Village who speak those languages as well. Students can use and develop language skills in a variety of language-related activities and extensive student-organized activities including several language clusters which meet regularly for conversation and language-focused events and to share their linguistic and cultural interests. Students have access to an on-site computer lab for language practice and the university's cable television service, which includes a number of international channels. The Global Village aims to expand student knowledge of foreign languages, world cultures, and world affairs; develop mutual understanding and appreciation of other cultures; prepare students for study abroad; and assist students with accessing Indiana University's international resources. For further information, contact the Global Village, (812) 855-4552;

Café Hispano, Cafezinho, and Cafe Català

The department sponsors weekly, informal group conversation sessions, in Spanish, Portuguese, and Catalan. Inquiries may be made directly to the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, Ballantine Hall 844, (812) 855-8612.