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Spanish and Portuguese

Departmental Honors Program

The Spanish Honors Program and the Portuguese Honors Program are designed for students who wish to take advantage of an academic challenge beyond the requirements of the departmental major. It provides highly motivated students with the opportunity for tutorial instruction and independent research during the junior and senior years of their undergraduate study. The Director of Undergraduate Studies solicits from the faculty nominations for the Honors Program and then meets with nominees to ensure that the program identifies those who are most likely to succeed. Qualified students are encouraged to apply directly to the program by contacting the Director of Undergraduate Studies or the administrative undergraduate secretary. To be eligible, a student must have an overall grade point average of 3.350 with a 3.500 GPA or higher in their major core courses, either Spanish or Portuguese, and also have completed all course work at the 300 level of their major. It is expected that the student will maintain the above GPAs until graduation.