Departments & Programs

Medieval Studies


Core Faculty

  • Professor Rosemarie McGerr
Associate Director
  • Professor Bridget Balint
Chancellor's Professor
  • Robert Fulk (English)
  • Christopher Beckwith (Central Eurasian Studies)
  • Jamsheed Choksy (Central Eurasian Studies)
  • Kari Ellen Gade (Germanic Studies)
  • Wendy Gillespie (Jacobs School of Music)
  • Hildegard Keller (Germanic Studies)
  • Karma Lochrie (English, Gender Studies)
  • Michael Long (Jacobs School of Music)
  • Rosemarie McGerr (Comparative Literature)
  • Jacques Merceron (French and Italian)
  • Emanuel Mickel, Jr. (French and Italian)
  • Suzanne Stetkevych (Near Eastern Languages and Cultures)
  • H. Wayne Storey (French and Italian)
  • John Walbridge (Near Eastern Languages and Cultures)
  • Rega Wood (Philosophy)
Associate Professors
  • Christopher Atwood (Central Eurasian Studies)
  • Bridget K. Balint (Classical Studies)
  • Sarah Bassett (History of Art)
  • Deborah Deliyannis (History)
  • Shannon Gayk (English)
  • Ryan Giles (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Patricia Ingham (English)
  • Paul Losensky (Central Eurasian Studies, Comparative Literature)
  • Diane Reilly (History of Art)
  • Leah Shopkow (History)
  • Joel Silver (Lilly Library)
Assistant Professor
  • Mangling Luo (East Asian Languages and Cultures)
  • Cherry Williams (Lilly Library)

Affiliated Faculty

Ottoman and Modern Turkish Studies Professor
  • Kemal Silay (Central Eurasian Studies)
Distinguished Professor and Ruth N. Halls Professor
  • William Newman (History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine)
  • Asma Afsaruddin (Near Eastern Languages and Cultures)
  • Paul Elliot (Early Music Institute)
  • Mark Kaplan (Philosophy)
  • Eleanor Winsor Leach (Classical Studies)
  • Fedwa Malti-Douglas (Comparative Literature, Gender Studies)
  • Timothy O'Connor (Philosophy)
  • Rex Sprouse (Germanic Studies, Second Language Studies)
Associate Professors
  • Arthur Field (History)
  • Constance Furey (Religious Studies)
  • R. Kevin Jaques (Religious Studies)
  • Massimo Scalabrini (French and Italian)
  • Eliot Sperling (Central Eurasian Studies)
Assistant Professor
  • Jonathan Schlesinger (History)
  • Giuliano DiBacco (Jacobs School of Music)

Faculty Emeriti

Distinguished Professors Emeriti
  • Judith H. Anderson (English)
  • Edward Grant (History, History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine)
  • Thomas J. Mathiesen (Jacobs School of Music)
  • Mark L. Musa (French and Italian)
President's Outstanding Faculty Awardee
  • W. Eugene Kleinbauer (History of Art)
Professors Emeriti
  • Salih Altoma (Near Eastern Languages and Cultures)
  • Theodore Andersson (Germanic Studies)
  • Frank Banta (Germanic Studies)
  • Luis Beltrán (Comparative Literature, Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Ann Carmichael (History, History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine)
  • Lawrence Clopper (English)
  • Henry Cooper (Slavics and East European Languages and Cultures)
  • Alfred David (English)
  • Jeffrey Huntsman (English)
  • Olga Impey (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Sheila Lindenbaum (English)
  • Consuelo López-Morillas (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Samuel N. Rosenberg (French and Italian)
  • William Shetter (Germanic Studies)
  • Paul Spade (Philosophy)
  • Paul Strohm (English)
  • Ian Thomson (Classical Studies)
  • Stephen Wailes (Germanic Studies)
Academic Advising
  • bkbalint [at] indiana [dot] edu (Bridget Balint), Ballantine Hall 650