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Choosing Managing/Thinking/Making Courses Based on Degree Sequence
The Managing/Thinking/Making classes serve two roles in The Media School curriculum.
  1. As a complement to MSCH-C 101 Media, they provide a more focused introduction to the intellectual approaches, creative practices, and analytical methods employed by particular concentrations and specializations within The Media School.
  2. Managing/Thinking/Making courses also function as pre-requisite courses preparing students for upper-level work associated with the Concentrations and Specializations.

The table below lists recommended Managing/Thinking/Making courses for the various concentrations associated with the B.S. in Game Design, the B.A.J., and the B.A. in Media. Only the B.S. in Game Design and the Media Science Concentration in the B.A. in Media make recommendations in more than one of these categories, leaving students some flexibility to choose courses in the other categories based on their interests and curiosity.

Concentration Managing Thinking Making
B.S. Game Design C200 (r) C210 (r)
B.A.J. News Rpt-Edit and Public Relations C225 (r), C226 (r) (both in concentration)
B.A. Management, Industry, Policy C207 (p)
B.A. Interactive and Digital C223 (p), C226 (p, also in concentration)
B.A. Advertising C207 (p)
B.A. Media Science C207 (p) C213 (p)
B.A. Cinema and Media Arts C207 (p) C223 (p)
B.A. Technologies and Cultures C207 (p)

(p) = prerequisite to many courses in the concentration; (r) = required in concentration.