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Liberal Arts and Management Program

Certificate in Liberal Arts and Management
Required Courses

To earn the Certificate in Liberal Arts and Management, students admitted to the program must satisfy all general requirements for a degree from the College of Arts and Sciences, maintain a grade point average of 3.300 or higher, and earn a grade of C– or higher in each course outlined below:

1. Three courses in the College (to be completed by the end of a student's sophomore year) that are basic to the study of management and other business topics (9–10 cr.):

  • Economics—Both of the following:
    • ECON-E 201 Introduction to Microeconomics* (ECON-S 201 is the honors section)
    • ECON-E 202 Introduction to Macroeconomics* (ECON-S 202 is the honors section)
  • Mathematics—Select one of the following:
    • MATH-M 118 Finite Mathematics* (MATH S118 is the honors section)
    • MATH-V 118 Finite Mathematics with Applications (Approved topic: Finite Mathematics for the Social and Biological Sciences)*
    • MATH-M 119 or S119 Brief Survey of Calculus*
    • MATH-M 211 Calculus I*
    • MATH-M 212 or S212 Calculus II* (MATH S212 is the honors section)
    • MATH-M 213 Accelerated Calculus*

2. The following courses in the Kelley School of Business or approved substitute in the College of Arts and Sciences that help develop fundamental management skills (15–16 cr.)

  • Accounting—Select one of the following options:
    • BUS-A 200 Foundations of Accounting*
    • BUS-A 100 Introduction to Accounting and A201 Introduction to Financial Accounting* (BUS-A 205 is the honors section)
  • Computer Skills—Select one of the following options:
    • The Computer in Business* (BUS-K 204 is the honors section)
    • CSCI-A 110 – Introduction to Computers and Computing*
  • Business Law:
    • BUS-L 201—The Legal Environment of Business (BUS-L 293 is the honors section)
  • Management:
    • BUS-X 333 Managing Business Functions
  • Business elective—Select one of the following options: 
    • BUS- Z302 Managing and Behavior in Business (BUS-Z 304 is the honors section)
    • BUS-D 301 The International Business Environment
    • BUS-L 312 The Ethical Responsibility of Business
    • BUS-F 428 Investment Banking I** and BUS-F 429 Investment Banking II** (1.5 cr. each)
    • BUS-J 420 Advanced Case Analysis and Effective Consulting Presentations and BUS-X 403 Management Consulting*** (1.5 cr. each)

3. Four Liberal Arts and Management Program seminars in the College that draw together students' course work in business, economics, and liberal arts (11 cr.):

  • LAMP-L 216 Sophomore Seminar: Business and the Humanities (Business, Culture, Society)
  • LAMP-L 316 Junior Seminar: Analytical Problem Solving (Statistics, Analysis, Problem Solving)
  • LAMP-L 416 Senior Seminar: Liberal Arts and Management (Policy, Ethics, Leadership)
  • LAMP-X 298 Career Development for Liberal Arts and Management Program Students (2 cr.)

* These courses must be completed prior to enrollment in LAMP-L 316 and preferably in the student's sophomore year.

**BUS-F 428 and BUS-F 429 are part of the Investment Banking Workshop through the Kelley School of Business and require an application for admission.

***BUS J420 and BUS X403 are part of the Management Consulting Workshop through the Kelley School of Business and require an application for admission.

For further information, please contact the Liberal Arts and Management Program, Wylie Hall 245, (812) 856-4966, lamp [at] indiana [dot] edu, or consult the program website at