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Germanic Studies

Certificate in Business German

General Requirements for the Certificate:

The certificate requires a total of 24 credit hours; at least 18 credit hours must be in courses taught in German.

  • The Certificate in Business German is not available to students pursuing a major or minor in German.
  • Students may count a maximum of six credit hours from their major towards requirements for the Certificate in Business German.

Required courses:

  1. G250 (P: G200 or equivalent proficiency), G300, G330 or equivalent (9 cr.)
  2. G400 (Business German section) (3 cr.)
  3. Additional courses in Germanic Studies taught in German above GER-G 330 (6 cr.)
  4. Two courses from the following list with related content outside of the Department of Germanic Studies (6 cr.)
    • BUS-C 204 Business Communication (3 cr.) P: ENG-W 131.
    • BUS-C 330 International Communication Strategies (3 cr.)
    • BUS-D 301 International Business Environment (3 cr.)
    • BUS-G 494 Public Policy and the International Economy (3 cr.)
    • ECON-E 203 Introduction to International Economics (3 cr.) P: ECON-E 201
    • ECON-E 303 Survey of International Economics (3 cr.) CASE S&H
    • ECON-E 331 International Trade (3 cr.)
    • ECON-E 390 Undergraduate Seminar in Economics (3 cr.) Approved topic: Economics of European Integration
    • EURO-W 405 Special Topics in European Studies (3 cr.) CASE S&H Approved topic: The Idea of Europe
    • EURO-W 406 Special Topics in European Studies (3 cr.) CASE A&H Approved topic: The Idea of Europe: Order and Identity (3 cr.)
    • INTL-I 300 Topics in International Studies (1-3 cr.) Approved topic: Issues in Globalization
    • POLS-Y 335 Western European Politics/EURO-W 301 Modern European Politics and Society (3 cr.) CASE S&H, CASE GCC
    • POLS-Y 350 Politics of the European Union CASE S&H, CASE GCC/EURO-W 405 Special Topics in European Studies (3 cr.) CASE S&H Approved Topic: Politics of the European Union (3 cr.)
    • POLS-Y 351 Political Simulations (1-3 cr.) Approved topic: Model European Union/EURO-W 304 Model European Union (1-3 cr.)
    • POLS-Y 376 International Political Economy (3 cr.) CASE S&H
**Other courses may qualify if approved by the director of undergraduate studies in the Department of Germanic Studies.