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The Departments of the History of Art and Studio Art in the Henry Radford Hope School of Fine Arts (FINA) offer students a number of undergraduate degree programs in fine arts, including the B.A. in history of art, the B.A. in studio art, and the B.F.A. in studio art. The curricular design and goal for each of these degrees is to provide students with a balance of training in the practice, theory, and history of visual arts in order to understand and enhance the human sensibility and its diverse potential. In their classes, faculty foster an aesthetic and intellectual environment in which the highest level of creativity and critical thinking in the visual arts are studied, practiced and learned. Creative activity in Studio Art and scholarship in History of Art are enriched by the sophisticated dynamics of learning in a liberal arts context and are challenged by the rigor of knowledge generation in a leading-edge research university.

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Fine Arts—Studio
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History of Art
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