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Major in Chemistry—B.A.


The B.A. Major in Chemistry prepares students for careers outside the laboratory, such as medical school, dental school, or non-traditional careers in chemistry. Students wishing to pursue graduate work are strongly encouraged to pursue the B.S. degree. Chemistry studies the substances of matter: its composition, properties, interactions, combinations, changes and uses.


Students must complete the following course work with a minimum grade of C– in each course:

  1. 30 credit hours in Chemistry course work to include C117-C127 (or C105-C125), C341, C342, C343, and C360 or C361 or C362; and additional elective hours in Chemistry.
  2. The following courses may not be used to fulfill the 30 credit hour requirement: C103, C107, G201, G203, G207, G209, C240, C243, G307, C371, C372, Y398, C400, C401, G407, C409, and G499.
  3. Physics P201 and P202.
  4. Mathematics M119 or M211.
  5. At least 18 credit hours of course work must be completed at the 300–400 level.

Students must also complete the General Education requirements and the degree requirements for the B.A. degree in the College of Arts and Sciences.


Mathematics M211 is strongly recommended, and M212 is highly desirable.