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Health and Wellness Center

Health and Wellness Center

Kari Frame | Clinic Operations Director
Dwyer Hall (formerly Riverside Hall) | 1960 Northside Boulevard |
Call for an appointment | (574) 520-5557

Clinic Hours | please call for hours (vary by semester)

The Indiana University South Bend Health and Wellness Center engages citizens to build healthy communities in North Central Indiana by providing respectful, high quality, integrative primary healthcare, and holistic health and wellness services to the community.

The Health and Wellness aims to:

  • promote healthy lifestyles for the community
  • provide cost effective, convenient healthcare services to the community: students, faculty, staff, and persons living in the community
  • provide respectful healthcare services that are sensitive to the community's diversity
  • foster diversity in knowledge and experience among faculty, students, and the community
  • provide support to health science students, faculty, and staff in the areas of teaching, learning, and research

Health Insurance

Health insurance is not required to be seen at the Health and Wellness Center; credit/debit, cash, check, or fees can be charged to the student’s Bursar account is accepted. If you have insurance ask for an itemized receipt at check-out.

If you need assistance enrolling in insurance; we are here to help! Please call 574-520-5557.


Reduced Prices! Please call for current prices

Services Provided (but not limited to)
  • Healthy IU screenings/programs
  • STI testing/treatment
  • FREE HIV screenings
  • Family planning
  • Birth control
  • Contraception/free condoms
  • Immunizations/flu shots
  • Non-Urgent Illness and Injury Visits
  • Lab work/blood work
  • Strep/mono/influenza tests
  • Patient assistance programs
  • Crutch and wheelchair rentals
  • PrEP clinic (in collaboration with AIDS Minstries)
  • Physical exams/drug screenings
  • Tuberculosis (TB) screenings

Wellness Rooms on Campus
  • Wiekamp Hall | DW 2211
  • Education and Arts | EA 2245
  • Northside Hall | NS 422
  • Dwyer Hall | RS 155

New Patients

People visiting the Health and Wellness Center for the first time are required to complete and sign a medical history and consent form prior to their first visit. This form can be downloaded from the website or is available on-site.

IU Stop Sexual Violence

Indiana University is committed to leading the fight against sexual violence. We encourage you to get involved, learn more about policies and resources, and find the support you need. Together, we can end sexual violence on our campuses. See IU's comprehensive website at for Crisis Resources.

For crisis or immediate danger Call 911

For IU South Bend campus and community resources see

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