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Program Mission

The mission of the Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling is to prepare graduates with the knowledge and skills to become licensed mental health counselors. The Master of Arts Mental Health Counseling Program prepares students to provide culturally sensitive services that address the holistic, developmental, and mental health needs of diverse populations. A primary goal of the Mental Health Counseling program is to graduate highly ethical and professional counselors with a dedication to counselor wellness and to the communities that they will serve. Faculty mentoring and a challenging counseling curriculum will prepare program graduates to become leaders in the counseling field through professional involvement, research, service, and advocacy.

The Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling provides graduates with the rigorous coursework and clinical experience required to become licensed mental health counselors in the State of Indiana. This program prepares individuals to provide evaluations, referrals, and short-term counseling services to help people prevent or remediate personal problems, conflicts, and emotional crises. It includes instruction in human development, psychopathology, individual and group counseling, personality theory, career assessment, patient screening and referral, observation and testing techniques, interviewing skills, professional standards and ethics, and applicable laws and regulations. 

All courses are for 3 credit hours and have a minimum grade of B.

Degree Requirements

  • COUN-C 520 Research in Counseling
  • COUN-C 504 Counseling Theories
  • COUN-C 532 Introduction to Group Counseling
  • COUN-C 537 Program Evaluation
  • COUN-C 552 Career Counseling and Development
  • COUN-C 563 Foundations of Mental Health Counseling
  • COUN-C 567 Intro to Marriage and Family Therapy
  • COUN-C 501 Multicultural Counseling
  • COUN-C 600 Counseling Techniques: Cognitive Behavioral Interventions
  • COUN-C 669 Assessment in Counseling
  • COUN-C 514 Lifespan Development
  • COUN-C 511 Professional Issues and Ethics
  • COUN-C 535 Introduction to Addictions Counseling
  • COUN-C 540 Principles of Assessment and Prediction
  • COUN-C 624 Principles of Psychopathology 
  • COUN-C 524 Clinical Practicum (100 clock hours) 
  • COUN-C 601 Counseling Techniques: Affective/Humanistic Interventions
  • COUN-C 736 Child Psychopathology
  • Complete two semesters (6 credit hours) of the following course
    • COUN-C 550 Internship in Counseling

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