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Graduate Certificate in Modern World History

The Graduate Certificate in Modern World History provides coursework for teachers and other individuals looking to enhance their knowledge and understanding of history. The coursework focuses on teaching the advanced methods and skills of historians through classes on the Modern World with special topics in the United States, Europe, Latin America, and Asian history.

  • HIST-H 501 American Cultural History

  Select 4 Courses in At Least Three Different Areas of the World

  United States

  • HIST-A 507 American Cultural History
  • HIST-H 511 Special Topics in U.S. History
  • HIST-H 650 Colloquium on United States History
  • HIST-H 750 Seminar in U.S. History

  Latin America

  • HIST-H 665 Colloquium in Latin American History
  • HIST-H 765 Seminar in Latin American History


  • HIST-H 775 Colloquium in East Asian History
  • HIST-H 775 Seminar in East Asian History
  • HIST-G 569 Modern Japan
  • HIST-G 585 Modern China
  • HIST-G 587 Contemporary China


  • HIST-H 509 Special Topics in European History
  • HIST-H 523 The Holocaust
  • HIST-H 620 Colloquium in Modern Western European History
  • HIST-H 720 Seminar in Modern Western European History


  • HIST-H 520 Shaping Careers in History
  • HIST-H 521 Special Topics in History
  • HIST-H 524 Issues in Contemporary Historiography
  • HIST-H 543 Practicum in Public History
  • HIST-H 546 History of Science, Medicine, and Technology
  • HIST-H 547 Special Topics in Public History
  • HIST-H 575 Graduate Readings in History
  • HIST-H 669 Colloquium in Comparative History
  • HIST-H 799 Seminar in World History
  • HIST-T 500 Topics in History
  • One Additional Elective XXXX-X 500+ Additional Elective (Must Be Approved By Advisor)

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