Strategic Finance (Master of Science)

The Indiana University Southeast Master of Science in Strategic Finance (MSSF) degree program is designed for students interested in continuing their postgraduate education in the field of accounting and financial analysis. The program addresses issues that are of significance to accounting and corporate finance professionals. This program is uniquely designed to benefit those seeking careers in public accounting and for finance and accounting professionals seeking careers in the private sector. For example, the MSSF prepares public accountants and corporate finance specialists by requiring coursework in corporate finance, information technology, project management, taxes, business analysis and valuation, accounting, and business strategy. Through the elective phase, students have the opportunity to pursue traditional accounting courses and course work in other areas that will enhance their professional preparation. The program allows public accounting professionals and corporate finance specialists to receive preparation in financial analysis, financial planning, financial reporting, strategic consulting, and systems consulting.

Degree Requirements:

  • All courses are 3 credit hours, unless otherwise noted. 
  • *Cross-listed graduate elective courses are available for graduate students who have not previously taken the
    undergraduate equivalent. Any undergraduate prerequisite requirements must be met.

Required Courses (21 credit hours)

  • BUSE-A 505 Strategic Cost Management
  • BUSE-A 507 Modeling & Simulation
  • BUSE-C 522 Financial Management
  • BUSE-E 577 Financial Statement Analysis
  • BUSE-E 580 Community Service in Business (0 credit hours) 
  • BUSE-E 597 Fraud Issue in Business
  • BUSE-E 594 Business Analysis & Valuation
  • BUSE-E 595 Advanced Corporate Finance (Director Permission: typically taken in last semester of program completion)

Electives (9 credit hours)

  • BUSE-B 510 Managerial Ethics
  • BUSE-B 511 Business Communications
  • BUSE-E 551 Managerial Forecasting
  • BUSE-E 552 Negotiation
  • BUSE-E 554 Human Resource Management
  • BUSE-E 557 Investment Management
  • BUSE-E 562 Special Topics in Business- when topic is relevant if MSSF degree plan
  • BUSE-E 567 Portfolio Management and Investment Analysis
  • BUSE-E 568 International Financial Management
  • BUSE-E 581 Special Topics: Information Technology Management Issues
  • BUSE-E 588 Project Management
  • BUSE-E 590 Independent Study- course topic must be approved by Director as relevant to MSSF degree plan
  • BUSE-E 596 Intermediate Accounting II
  • BUSE-G 533* Auditing
  • BUSE-H 542* Advanced Financial Accounting
  • BUSE-H 546* Advanced Financial Corporate Taxation
  • BUSE-A 506 Managerial Economics
  • BUSE-A 508 Organizational Behavior & Leadership
  • BUSE-B 516 Legal & Ethical Environmental of Business
  • BUSE-B 517 Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • BUSE-C 521 Marketing Management
  • BUSE-Z 506 Managing the Team-Based Organization

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