IU Southeast operates academic affairs under harmonized policies enacted by the Indiana University Board of Trustees, both the Indiana University and Indiana University Southeast Faculty Senates, as well as well as those enacted by campus degree-conferring departments. The policies drive the establishment of academic requirements that must be met before a credential, degree or certificate, is granted. These regulations concern matters such as curricula, course development and change, minimum credits and cumulative GPA required, declaring and completing concentrations, and advancing to degree candidacy. 

The 2019-2021 Bulletin represents the university's best efforts to synthesize the policies governing degree requirements in effect or taking effect during the tenure of this publication. While this Bulletin is offered as comprehensive academic guide, and advisors, deans, and administrators are always willing to help students become aware of the requirements for a specific credential they are pursuing, ultimately it is the student's responsibility to fulfill them completely before a degree or certificate may be conferred. 

At the end of all students' courses of study, both the department and the Office of the Registrar review students' records to dually confirm all stated requirements are satisfied. If requirements have not been satisfied, the degree will be withheld pending adequate fulfillment.

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