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We believe that language exists as both a necessary precondition and an inevitable consequence of human self-awareness, and that this self-awareness accounts for our drive to understand, interact with, and shape the world. The Department is committed both to teaching practical skills (the structural specifics of French, German or Spanish) and to developing our students’ appreciation of the fundamental role that language and cultural diversity play in defining and refining our humanity.


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Learning Goals

Master of Arts in French

  • Students will demonstate proficiency in French through the ability to complete graudate coursework in French.
  • Students will achieve a comphrehensive understanding of French as a living language and Frencophone cultures. 
  • Students will recieve an understanding of the core concepts and applications of Second Language Acquisition.
  • Students will introduce and practice various foreign language teaching methodologies.
  • Students will develop individual teaching styles informed by current theory and scholarship. 

Admission Requirements

Master of Arts in French

  • Students will need a completed undergraduate degree with a major in French; Or
  • Students will need a related bachelor's degree in Education with a French specialization, concentration or outside area; Or
  • 2 years of secondary teaching experience in French and transcripts from a Francophone instituition. 

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