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School Library/Media and Information Technology Certification

This is a certification by the State of Indiana that can be completed within the credit hours of the Master of Library Science.

Students must meet the graduate admission requirements for the School of Library and Information Science. Courses successfully completed may also count toward the 36 credit Master of Library Science, accredited by the American Library Association. Students who want to complete the M.L.S. degree should be careful to follow the M.L.S. curriculum requirements. Check the SLIS Web site for details. Individuals who hold a valid teaching license may add the certification for Teacher of Library Media (K-12) with emphasis in school media information technology by successfully completing the following 27 credits with grades of B or higher.

Required SLIS courses for the certification
(27 credit hours plus S401):

(18 credit hours)

  • S501 Reference
  • S504 Cataloging
  • S571 Materials for Youth
  • S574 Information Inquiry for School


  • S671 School Media
  • S605 Internship in Library and Information Science
  • 9 SLIS credit hours in instructional technology and/or information technology must also be completed. Approved options include: S516, S554, S556, S511, S621, S573, S533, S532, and S652. Students may also take S603 Workshops in Library and Information Science such as web graphics, XML, UNIX, Perl/CGI, video production, grant writing, electronic materials for children and young adults, and collaboration for high tech learning; S604 Special Topics in Library and Information Science such as digital collections, media resources, and advanced internet and web design; and, S629 Topics in Information Sources and Services such as information sources and technologies for patrons with special needs.

Note: To fulfill MLS requirements, S502, one of the research/evaluation courses (S506, S519, S505) and one elective are necessary.

  • Individuals who do not hold a valid teaching license may establish one in the area of Teacher of Library Media by completing the above 27 credits and generally 15 additional required credits from the School of Education. (Consult with the School of Education for specifics.) They must also pass the national teacher exams, including the specialization in school media, and successfully complete student teaching in school media, which includes 5 credits in a secondary school and 5 credits in an elementary school.

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