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Dual Degrees and Specializations (for Master's Students)

Musicology (M.A.) or Music Theory (M.Music) and Master of Library Science (M.L.S.) Dual Degree

The dual-degree program combines an M.L.S. with an M.A. in musicology or an M.M. in music theory. It combines the advantages of top-ranked graduate programs in library and information science and in music, and the librarians and professional staff of one of the country’s largest music libraries. Through enrollment in these curricula, students may earn two master’s degrees by a combination of work in the School of Library and Information Science (SLIS) and the School of Music amounting to approximately 60 credit hours (6 cr. are shared between the two degrees). Applicants are expected to hold at least a bachelor’s degree in music from an accredited four-year collegiate institution. For this program, students must apply for admission to both schools and the Music Librarianship Specialization and meet the admission criteria established for all three. (The admissions committee for the specialization consists of the IU music librarians.) Degrees from both schools must be awarded simultaneously.

In addition to the SLIS S401 prerequisite, the requirements for the Master of Library Science (30 credit hours) are:

  • M.L.S. Foundation courses (15 cr.).
  • MUS M539 Introduction to Music Bibliography (3 cr.).
  • SLIS S605 (6 cr.) (P: M539, S504). Two Internships (3 cr. each) in one or two areas related to music librarianship (e.g., music cataloging, music collection development, music reference, music technology), approved by the coordinator of the Music Librarianship Specialization.
  • SLIS S655 Music Librarianship (3 cr.) (P: M539, P or C: S504 or consent of instructor).
  • SLIS elective courses (3 cr.).

For the requirements for the M.A. in musicology or the M.M. in music theory, see the University Graduate School Bulletin and the School of Music Bulletin.

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