Degree Programs

Dual Degrees and Specializations (for Master's Students)

English (M.A.) and Master of Library Science (M.L.S.) Dual Degree

Study for these two degrees can be combined for a total of 54 credit hours rather than the 66 credit hours required for the two degrees taken separately. Admission to each of the two master’s programs is approved separately on the same basis as for applicants not in the dual program. The two degrees must be awarded simultaneously.

In addition to the SLIS S401 prerequisite, the requirements for the Master of Library Science (30 credit hours) are:

  1. M.L.S Foundation courses (15 cr.).
  2. SLIS S521 Humanities Information (3 cr.).
  3. SLIS elective courses (12 cr.).

A minimum of 24 credit hours is required in the Department of English. All students must fulfill the core requirements as outlined in the English Department’s Master of Arts with Concentration in Literature or Special Field Master of Arts degree requirements. No thesis or examination is required for the M.A. in English. The M.A. in English does require reading proficiency in one of the following languages: French, German, Greek, Italian, Latin, Russian, Spanish. Consult the University Graduate School Bulletin for additional details on the M.A. in English.

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