Degree Programs

Dual Degrees and Specializations (for Master's Students)

Art Librarianship Specialization (for M.L.S. Students)

Candidates in this 36 credit hour program will receive the M.L.S. and the Specialization—which will be noted on the transcript. This specialization is intended for students who do not wish to pursue a master of arts in art history from Indiana University. In consultation with their advisors, Art Librarianship Specialization students complete the M.L.S. foundation requirements (15 cr. + S401), and 21 credits of electives, including the following required courses:

  1. FINA A575 Research Sources in Art History (2 cr.)
  2. S521 Humanities Information (3 cr.)
  3. S651 Art Librarianship (3 cr.)
  4. S605 Internship in Library and Information Science (4 cr.)

Academic Bulletins

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