Degree Programs

Dual Degrees and Specializations (for Master's Students)

African Studies Librarianship Specialization (for M.L.S. Students)

Candidates in this 45 credit hour program will receive the M.L.S. and the Specialization—which will be noted on the transcript.  Applicants must be accepted to the M.L.S. degree program before being considered for the African studies specialization. To obtain the specialization, students must successfully complete the following 27 credit hours of SLIS courses: M.L.S. Foundation courses (15 credit hours + S401), and SLIS electives (12 cr.), to
be chosen in consultation with the student’s faculty advisor and the IU Libraries African Studies area specialist.

A total of 18 credit hours from African studies must include:

  1. G732 Bibliography of Sub-Saharan Africa (3 cr.)
  2. E531 and E532 History of Africa I-II (3 cr. each)
  3. Y657 African politics (3 cr.)
  4. E310 Introduction to the Cultures of Africa (3 cr.)

At least 3 credit hours of electives to be chosen in consultation with the African Studies area specialist in the IU Libraries. The courses from African Studies must be taken for graduate credit. If the applicant’s background already contains course work that is judged to cover any or all of the required areas listed above, suitable electives chosen in consultation with the African Studies area specialist may be substituted.

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