Degree Programs

Dual Degrees and Specializations (for Master's Students)

Children's and Young Adult Services Specialization (for M.L.S. Students)

Candidates in this 36 credit hour program will receive the M.L.S. and the Specialization—which will be noted on the transcript.  In consultation with their advisors, students complete the M.L.S. Foundation requirements (15 credit hours + S401) with S553 Public Library management as the Apply Management and Leadership Skills option.  The Specialization requirements (21 cr.) must be distributed as follows:

A. Students must take the following three courses (9 cr.):

  1. S571 Materials for Youth
  2. S572 Youth Services
  3. S672 Seminar on Literature for Youth

B. Students complete six credit hours of the following elective courses: 

  1. S532 Information Architecture for the Web
  2. S541 Information Policy
  3. S603 Workshops (Electronic Materials for Children; Storytelling; Emergent Literacy; others with consent of advisor)
  4. S605 Internship in Library and Information Science Internship must be approved by the Director of the Specialization
  5. S621 Audio and Video Sources
  6. S622 Resources and Services for People with Disabilities
  7. S640 Seminar in Intellectual Freedom (The course includes issues related to challenges to materials included in youth collections, privacy, and First Amendment rights, and the library principles that support confidential access to information.)

New courses may be added to this list with the approval of the Director of the specialization. (Note: Approval in writing or email should be submitted to the SLIS Office for the student academic record.)

C. Complete six credit hours of electives in consultation with the Director of the specialization.

Academic Bulletins

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