Degree Programs

Graduate Certificate in Information Architecture

This is a SLIS certificate program.

The professional role of the information architect encompasses project management and the organization of work flows within a team-based approach to the design of information structures. Coursework must be completed within three (3) years of entering the certificate program. No credits may be transferred from another graduate or undergraduate program in order to satisfy the requirement for 18 credit hours of coursework. The student must maintain a GPA of 3.2 on a 4.0 scale with a minimum course grade of B. Any course in which the student earns a grade of less than B must be repeated to remain in the certificate program.

Students must complete 18 graduate credit hours; credits counted toward another degree may not be applied toward the Certificate.

Required courses include:

  • S512 Information Systems Design (3 cr.)
  • S515 Information Architecture (3 cr.)
  • S516 Human-Computer Interaction (3 cr.)
  • S556 Systems Analysis and Design (3 cr.)
  • S633 Indexing (3 cr.)
  • S690 Capstone in Information Architecture (3 cr.)

If a student has completed equivalent graduate coursework in one or more of the required content areas prior to admission to the program, this coursework may be applied to satisfy content requirements for the certificate. The student may then select from a list of elective courses to meet the 18 credit hours of coursework required for the certificate.

Elective courses include:

  • S503 Representation and Organization (3 cr.)
  • S511 Database Design (3 cr.)
  • S513 Organizational Informatics (3 cr.)
  • S517 Web Programming (3 cr.)
  • S519 Evaluation of Information Systems (3 cr.)
  • S520 Information Seeking and Use (3 cr.)
  • S561 User Interface Design for Information Systems (3 cr.)
  • S603 Workshop in Library and Information Science (1-3 cr.)
  • S604 Topics in Library and Information Science (1-4 cr.)
  • S634 Metadata (3 cr.)
  • S635 Ontologies (3 cr.)
  • S636 Semantic Web (3 cr.)
  • S637 Information Visualization (3 cr.)
  • S643 The Information Industry (1-3 cr.)
  • S661 Concepts and Contemporary Issues in Human-Computer Interaction (3 cr.)
  • CSCI A548 Mastering the World Wide Web
  • INFO B659 Topics in Artificial Intelligence: Web Mining
  • BUS S531 Advanced Web Applications Development 

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