Degree Programs

Specialist in Library and Information Science

The candidate for the Specialist degree must complete 30 credit hours of graduate course work, of which at least 15 must be taken from the SLIS curriculum. The additional 15 credit hours may be taken in another school or department of Indiana University. The student’s program should be planned in consultation with the SLIS advisor to meet the student’s academic and professional goals. Students must complete the degree requirements within a period of five years.

A maximum of 6 graduate credit hours from another accredited university may, in certain limited circumstances and with the permission of the dean, be applied to the Specialist degree. Outside courses are warranted only when they are relevant to the student’s career objectives. Ordinarily, permission for such outside course work must be obtained before enrolling in the course. The course must be completed with a grade of B or higher, must not be applied to another degree, and must be taken within the five-year time frame allowed for completion of the degree.

A research project or thesis is not required, but students may receive up to 6 hours of credit by completing such work. An average grade of at least B (3.0) must be achieved in all graduate work taken. SLIS S401 Computer-Based Information Tools is a prerequisite for many of our courses.

Academic Bulletins

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