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Dual Degrees and Specializations (for Master's Students)

Music Librarianship Specialization (for M.L.S. Students)

This program is intended primarily for students who do not wish to obtain a master’s degree in music from IU. (Candidates are advised that a master’s degree in music, in addition to an M.L.S., is usually required for positions in music research libraries, especially at institutions offering advanced degrees in music.) The program combines the instructional and professional training resources of the School of Library and Information Science and the Music Library. Applicants are expected to hold at least a bachelor’s degree in music from an accredited four-year collegiate institution. Admission into the specialization is a joint decision by SLIS and the Music Specialization Admissions Committee (composed of IU music librarians). Students are encouraged to include a résumé and reference letters from professors of their academic music subjects. It is possible to be admitted to the M.L.S. degree program and not be accepted to the music specialization.

Candidates in this 36 credit hour program will receive the M.L.S. and the Specialization—which will be noted on the transcript.  They must complete the M.L.S. Foundation courses (15 credit hours + S401), 12 credit hours of Specialization courses, and 9 credit hours of SLIS Electives. 

The Specialization courses are: 

  • MUS M539 Music Bibliography (3 cr.)
  • S605 Internship in Library and Information Science (6 cr.) (P: M539 and S504)—two 3 credit hour internships in one or two areas related to music librarianship (i.e., music cataloging, music collection development, music reference, music technology), approved by the coordinator of the Specialization
  • S655 Seminar in Music Librarianship (3 cr.) (P: S504, P or C: M539 or consent of instructor.)

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