Degree Programs

Dual Degrees and Specializations (for Master's Students)

Digital Libraries Specialization (for M.L.S. Students)

Candidates in this 36 credit hour program will receive the M.L.S. and the Specialization, which will be noted on the transcript. They must complete the M.L.S. Foundation courses (15 credit hours + S401) with S503 Representation and Organization as the Organize and Represent Information Resources option—and Specialization requirements (21 cr.)—with the following guidelines, and in consultation with the Specialization Director:

A. S652 Digital Libraries (3 cr.)

B. S634 Metadata (3 cr.)

C. S605 Internship (3 cr.) in Library and Information Science in a position related to digital libraries

D. Complete a minimum of 12 additional credit hours from the following list of classes: 

  • S502 Collection Development and Management, S504 Cataloging (3 cr.)
  • S511 Database Design (3 cr.)
  • S516 Human Computer Interaction (3 cr.)
  • S517 Web Programming (3 cr.)
  • S532 Information Architecture for the Web (3 cr.)
  • S603 Workshop in Library and Information Science (1-3 cr.) Metadata Object Description Schema (MODS) Workshop, XML Workshop, Encoded Archival Description (EAD), Digitizing Workshop
  • S604 Topics in Library and Information Science Digital Humanities (1-4 cr.)
  • S635 Ontologies (3 cr.)
  • S636 Semantic Web (3 cr.)
  • S637 Information Visualization (3 cr.)
  • S656: Information Technology Standardization (3 cr.)—Advanced XML: Electronic Publishing Standards and Systems

Other courses chosen in consultation with the Specialization Director. (Note: Approval in writing or email should be submitted to the SLIS Office for the student academic record.)

Academic Bulletins

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