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Health Sciences :: HSC

Health Sciences :: HSC

P Prerequisite :: C Co-requisite :: R Recommended
I Fall Semester :: II Spring Semester :: S Summer Session/s

  • HSC-H 101 Introduction to Health Sciences (1-3 cr.) A foundational overview of health science.  Topics include the versatility of a health sciences degree, an overview of various professions within health care, health promotion, and health education with a focus on interprofessional education and practice.
  • HSC-H 327 Introduction to Community Health (1-3 cr.) A foundational overview of community health.  Includes polices and functions of governmental health organizations, prevention of diseases and injuries in the population, the basic health sciences (epidemiology, behavioral and social sciences, environmental health) and future directions of community health.
  • HSC-H 401 Needs and Capacity Assessment (1-3 cr.) This course is designed to examine individual, group, and community health needs and capacity assessment strategies, how these strategies can be used to determine and develop goals, effective implementation, and collaboration efforts in community health planning.
  • HSC-H 492 Research in Health Sciences (1-3 cr.) Research in health sciences introduces health science students to the basic concepts and techniques of data analysis and research needed in professional health care practice.
  • HSC-H 499 Senior Seminar in Health Sciences (1-3 cr.) P: Senior status or 90 cr hrs. This course provides a format for the student to develop awareness of personal strengths and competencies as a health professional through development of a personal portfolio.
  • HSC-L 230 Health Care Delivery Systems (1-3 cr.) Students examine health care delivery systems, leadership, health policy, regulation and economics. Students explore quality practices of health care organizations. Students analyze the impact of informatics on health care and nursing including the electronic health record, information technology in healthcare, and information literacy.
  • HSC-W 210 Current Issues in Health Care (1-3 cr.) This course is designed to expose students to a variety of issues relevant to healthcare and promotions of healthy lifestyles.  This course is aimed at examining current issues that affect health of individuals, USA population and global populations.  Emphasis will be placed on life-style behaviors contributing to health, wellness, and disease prevention.  This course will have different topics and issues depending on the climate of health care, various governmental policies and global events.

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