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  • COAS-Q 110 Introduction to Information Literacy (1 cr.) This course examines information structure and organization as well as teaching techniques and skills for effectively identifying, acquiring, evaluating, using and communicating information in various formats.
  • COAS-Q 400 Job Search Strategies for Liberal Arts Students (1-2 cr.) Emphasis on identifying each individual's marketable skills, locating job possibilities, writing resumes and correspondence, and interviewing for jobs. Stresses the value of arts & sciences degree in competitive labor market. Sections meet for a 10-week period at the beginning of each semester.
  • COAS-Q 510 Topics in Information Literacy (1 cr.) Examines the research process that students must master to succeed in graduate school.  Student will:  gain both a practical and theoretical understanding of the organization of academic literature and the nature of information structure and organization; learn effective information retrieval methods; and apply critical thinking principles when utilizing information resources.

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