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Japanese and Chinese :: EALC

east-asian-studiesJapanese and Chinese :: EALC

P Prerequisite :: C Co-requisite :: R Recommended
I Fall Semester :: II Spring Semester :: S Summer Session/s

Note :: All world language classes may require homework using audio-, visual-, or computer-based materials in the World Languages Resource Center.

  • EALC-C 101 Elementary Chinese 1 (2-4 cr.) An introductory course that lays groundwork for the study of modern Chinese. It aims at fostering proficiency in all four language skills (aural understanding, speaking, reading, and writing), and helping students handle simple tasks in daily routines. Basic sentence patterns, vocabulary, and characters are all practiced in meaningful contexts.
  • EALC-C 102 Elementary Chinese 2 (2-4 cr.) P: EALC-C 101 or equivalent. Continuation of EALC-C 101.
  • EALC-C 201 Second Year Chinese 1 (2-4 cr.) P: EALC-C 102 or equivalent. Building on the grammar and lexicon from first-year, students will explore the broader cultural context in which language is used, experience more subtle oral and written forms, and learn to use perspectives in addition to the speaker's.
  • EALC-C 202 Second Year Chinese 2 (2-4 cr.) P: EALC-C 201 or equivalent. Continuation of EALC-C 201.
  • EALC-E 271 Modern and Contemporary Japanese Culture (3 cr.) Examination of a range of Japanese culture expressions of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, such as literature, theater, film, popular culture, and their historical contexts.
  • EALC-J 101 Elementary Japanese 1 (2-4 cr.) An introductory skills-oriented course emphasizing learning language in context, development of listening and speaking in simple interactional situtions, and controlled reading and writing skills.
  • EALC-J 102 Elementary Japanese 2 (2-4 cr.) P: EALC-J 101, or equivalent proficiency. An introductory, skills-oriented course that emphasizes a pragmatic, contextual approach to learning grammar and vocabulary. The goal of this course is interactional competence in a limited variety of communicative situations. Students will also learn to read and write whatever they can say. Kana syllabaries and some kanji introduced.
  • EALC-J 201 Second Year Japanese 1 (2-4 cr.) P: EALC-J 101, EALC-J 102 or equivalent proficiency. Continuation of emphasis on communicative skills. Increased attention to reading and writing skills. I
  • EALC-J 202 Second Year Japanese 2 (2-4 cr.) P: EALC-J 201 or equivalent proficiency. Continuation of EALC-J 201. II
  • EALC-J 301 Third Year Japanese 1 (3-4 cr.) P: EALC-J 201, EALC-J 202 or equivalent proficiency. Review of grammatical points acquired in the first and second year Japanese. More advanced level of speaking, reading, writing, and listening proficiency.. I
  • EALC-J 302 Third Year Japanese 2 (3-4 cr.) P: EALC-J 201, EALC-J 202 or equivalent proficiency. Review of grammatical points acquired in the first and second year of Japanese. More advanced levels of speaking, reading, writing and listening proficiency. II
  • EALC-J 310 Japanese Conversation (3 cr.) P: EALC-J 202 or equivalent. This course is designed to develop conversational skills as well as overall proficiency in Japanese. Through controlled conversation with an emphasis on the vocabulary building and usage, the use of linguistic devices, group activities and classroom discussion, students will develop conversational skills.
  • EALC-J 401 Fourth-Year Japanese I (3 cr.) P: Grade of C or higher in EALC-J 302 or equivalent proficiency. Emphasis on advanced reading skills. I
  • EALC-J 402 Fourth-Year Japanese II (3 cr.) P: Grade of C or higher in EALC-J 401, or equivalent proficiency. Continuation of J401. To develop advanced skills in Japanese for speaking, reading, and writing.
  • EALC-J 451 Readings in Japanese Newspapers and Journals (3 cr.) P: Grade of C or higher in EALC-J 402, or equivalent proficiency. Exploration of the salient features of the academic and journalistic writing style of modern expository Japanese used by prominent thinkers, well-known journalists, and critical essayists of Japan today.

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