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Cognitive Science :: COGS

cognitive scienceCognitive Science :: COGS

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I Fall Semester :: II Spring Semester :: S Summer Session/s

  • COGS-B 190 Human Behavior and Social Institutions-How the Mind Works: Exploration in Cognitive Science (3 cr.) Develops insights into human nature, the nature of social institutions, the social processes that have shaped the world of the 21st century.  In an interdisciplinary way, introduces the distinctive perspectives of the social sciences, emphasizing frameworks and techniques used in explaining causes and patterns of individual of institutional behavior. II
  • COGS-Q 240 Philosophical Foundations of the Cognitive and Information Sciences (3-4 cr.) Foundational introduction to the cognitive and information sciences. The primary themes are: (1) causal issues such as functional and computational architecture (e.g., modularity, effectiveness, and implementation, analog/ digital), neuroscience, and embodied dynamics; and (2) semantic issues such as meaning, representation, content, and information flow. The role of both themes in logic, perception, computation, cognition, and consciousness. Throughout, an emphasis on writing, analysis, and exposition.

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