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Astronomy :: AST

moonAstronomy :: AST

P Prerequisite :: C Co-requisite :: R Recommended
I Fall Semester :: II Spring Semester :: S Summer Session/s

  • AST-A 453 Topical Astrophysics (3 cr.) P: Calculus, PHYS-P 323 or equivalent. Topics in astrophysics, not covered by other courses. The topic will vary depending on instructor. Possible topics include celestial mechanics, astrobiology, stellar interiors, stellar atmospheres, stellar populations, galaxy dynamics and cosmology. May be repeated for up to 6 credits.
  • AST-N 190 The Natural World (3 cr.) Introduces students to the methods and logic of science, and helps them understand the importance of science to the development of civilization and the contemporary world.  Provides a context within which to evaluate the important scientific and technological issues of modern society. Interdisciplinary elements.
  • AST-N 390 The Natural World (3 cr.) Explores an important scientific or technological issue in modern society. Applies scientific methods and interdisciplinary perspectives in an examination of the subject. Investigates the broader implications and ethical dimensions of scientific research and technological advancement.

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