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Art History :: AHST

Art History :: AHST

P Prerequisite :: C Co-requisite :: R Recommended
I Fall Semester :: II Spring Semester :: S Summer Session/s

  • AHST-A 101 Ancient and Medieval Art (3 cr.) Previously FINA-A 101. A survey of major styles and monuments in art and architecture from prehistoric times to the end of the Middle Ages. I, II.
  • AHST-A 102 Renaissance Through Modern Art (3 cr.) Previously FINA-A 102. A survey of major artists, styles, and movements in European and American art and architecture from the 15th century to the present. I, II.
  • AHST-A 300 Topics in Art History (1-3 cr.) Previously FINA-A 300. Specialized topics in the study of Art History. I, II.
  • AHST-A 303 Art Since 1945 (3 cr.) Previously FINA-A 303. Investigates individual artists as dynamic forces whose works reflect socio-political, technological, psychological and aesthetic developments since the end of World War II.  Examines how world events, the political realignment of artists, the shifting social status of the art buyer's market, and the art movements since 1945 have influenced art today. I, II.
  • AHST-A 306 Women in the Visual Arts (3 cr.) Previously FINA-A 306. The works and life of western female artists will be discussed. The relation to and difference of female artists approach to art historical traditions will be analyzed. Feminist theories in art history will be employed for analyzing the production of art by women in the west as to how it reflected and, at the same time, affected its political and cultural milieus. I, II.
  • AHST-A 307 Introduction to Non-Western Art (3 cr.) Previously FINA-A 307. Introduction to Non-Western Art will introduce students to the cultural art of Non-Western societies. The course will discuss how art is categorized in Non-Western cultures. The historical, social and cultural role played by the arts in Non-Western cultures will be analyzed. I, II
  • AHST-A 308 Modern Art 1900-1945 (3 cr.) Previously FINA-A 308. The class will follow a chronological development of early twentieth century art in the west. The relationship between modern art and its relevant historical, political and cultural milieus will be studied. The response of artists to, and the effect of art on, western societies will be analyzed. I, II
  • AHST-A 309 Survey of the History of Architecture and Urbanism (3 cr.) Previously FINA-A 309. This survey of the built environment in its social and historical context spans from the beginnings to the present. The scope is broad in geographical and cultural terms. Emphasis is on high-style Western architecture but Asia, Africa, the Americas, and vernacular architecture will also be included. I, II
  • AHST-A 320 Art of the Medieval World (3 cr.) Previously FINA-A 320. A comprehensive study of the art and art theory of the Medieval period. I, II.
  • AHST-A 328 Art and Architecture of the Medieval Period (3 cr.) This course will examine works of art and architecture from the end of the Roman Empire to the Proto-Renaissance period.  Emphasis will be on the production and uses of manuscripts, sculpture, and architecture in medieval societies in the West and in Medieval Islamic societies.
  • AHST-A 332 Sixteenth and Seventeeth Century Art in Southern Europe (3-5 cr.) Previously FINA-A 332. Beginnings of Baroque style and the pictorial traditions which spread from Italy to Spain and France. I, II
  • AHST-A 333 From Van Eyck to Vermeer (3 cr.) Previously FINA-A 333. Survey of major artists and themes in Netherlandish painting from the 15th to the 17th century. I, II
  • AHST-A 341 Nineteenth Century European Art (3 cr.) P: Previously FINA-A 341. A survey of major artists and styles in painting and sculpture from ca. 1770 to 1900, emphasizing developments in France, England, and Germany. Topics include Neo Classicism, Romanticism, Realism, Impressionism, and Post-Impressionism.
  • AHST-A 343 American Art (3 cr.) P: Previously FINA-A 343. A basic survey of the Arts of the United States from the country's colonial roots to a position of world art leadership following World War II. The course will deal primarily with painting, architecture and sculpture. Relationships between these arts and between the decorative arts will be stressed.. I, II
  • AHST-A 390 Museum Studies I: Methods, History, Issues (3 cr.) Previously FINA-A 390. Introduction to basic workings of an art museum: the history of museums, collection management, cataloging of objects. The course works closely with the IU Art Museum and its staff and, where applicable, with staff from other museums nearby. I, II
  • AHST-A 400 Senior Seminar (4 cr.) Previously FINA-A 400. Intensive examination of selected topics in art history. Open only to art history majors or with consent of instructor. I, II
  • AHST-A 407 Topics in the History of Architecture and Urbanism (3 cr.) Previously FINA-A 407. This variable title course is proposed for the exploration of more specialized topics in the history of architecture and urbanism in combined lectures, seminar and class presentation format. Topics may vary widely from Greek Temples, Medieval Cathedrals, the American Home, the Skyscraper or the work of a particular architect. I, II
  • AHST-A 408 Art History Internship (1-4 cr.) Previously FINA-A 408. An internship within a museum or cultural organization where the student is participating in curatorial, education or administrative Art History - related responsibilities. Application for an Art History internship includes a formal proposal and documentation from the host institution on the nature of the activity to be performed by the student. I, II
  • AHST-A 420 Upper Level Seminar in Art History (3 cr.) Previously FINA-A 420. This course is to investigate the literature of a specific topic in art history and highlight the methodology of this investigation. Seminars are exploratory in nature and topics will vary from year to year. I, II.
  • AHST-A 470 Problems in Art History (1-8 cr.) Previously FINA-A 470. Independent research in art history. Open only to juniors and seniors by consent of instructor. I, II
  • AHST-A 477 History of Photography (3 cr.) Previously FINA-A 477. The course surveys the developments of photography from 1839 to the present in Europe and the United States. I, II
  • AHST-A 490 Topics in Art History (3 cr.) Previously FINA-A 490. Topic varies with the instructor and year and will be listed in the Schedule of Classes. I, II.
  • AHST-T 390 Literary and Intellectual Traditions (3 cr.) Formerly FNA-T 390. Interdisciplinary exploration of a humanistic tradition regarding one of the following themes:  ideas of self, truth, beauty, community, nature, or conflict.  Writing intensive, discussion-focused.  Attention to primary texts and research materials. I, II

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