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Bachelor of Science in German

Bachelor of Science in German

Collaborative Online Degree

This online program is taught by IU South Bend, IU East, and IU Southeast. This model allows you to take coursework from multiple campuses and benefit from the expertise and experience of a diverse faculty. Please note that, although the program is delivered 100 percent online, some classes require your attendance on specific days and times.

Many online support services are available to assist you as you progress through the program.

Germany is a powerhouse of the European Union both in terms of population and economic stability, meaning that anyone wanting to pursue international business is at a significant advantage if they speak German. 

The IU Online Bachelor of Science in German provides a rigorous curriculum that develops language proficiency, cultural facility, and professional competence in German. The curriculum includes quality coursework and extensive practice and application in the German language and German culture and will be of particular interest to individuals in the fields of business, science, education, the arts, and the social sciences.

As a student in the program, you complete one of two tracks:

  • German for Science and Technical Communication (15 credit hours)
  • German for Genealogical Research and Cultural Tourism (15 credit hours)

The tracks allow you to apply your command of the German language and knowledge of German culture in a variety of real-world settings.

Employment opportunities in the fields of German are expected to continue growing well above average for the next 10 years at the state, regional, and national level. Your IU Online BS in German may prepare you for such careers as:

  • Meeting, convention, and event planners
  • Sales managers
  • Training managers
  • General and operations managers
  • Human resources specialists 

If you decide to pursue an advanced degree, the solid liberal arts foundation and suite of core German coursework will prepare you for admission to a wide variety of professional graduate programs.


Students who meet the admission standards of their home campus will be admitted directly into the B.S. in German.

Priority Application Dates
  • Fall semester | May 1
  • Spring semester | December 1

Degree Requirements (120 cr.)

Students receiving the B.S. in Data Science must complete 120 total credit hours (up to 60 credit hours can be transferred) including:

  • A minimum of 33 credit hours at the 300– or 400–level.
  • Major requirements must be completed with a grade of C or higher
  • A minimum CGPA of 2.0 is required
  • All courses are 3 credits, unless otherwise noted.

Core Courses (18 cr.)
Intermediate German (6 cr.)
  • GER-G 200 Intermediate German I
  • GER-G 203 Second Year German 1 
German Writing and Conversation (6 cr.)
  • GER-G 310 Deutsch: Mittelstufe II; OR GER-G 313 Writing German 1
  • GER-G 311 Composition and Conversation; OR GER-G 314 Writing German 2
Contemporary German (3 cr.)
  • GER-G 362 Introduction to Contemporary Germany
Applied and Cultural Electives in German (3 cr.)
  • GER-G 307 Selected Works of Contemporary German Literature; OR GER-G 415 Perspectives on German Literature

German Minor (15 cr.)

Select one of the following minors

Minor in German for Scientific and Technical Communication (15 cr.)
  • GER-G 345 Introduction to Practical Translation Techniques I
  • GER-G 346 Introduction to Practical Translation Techniques
  • GER-G 362 Introduction to Contemporary Germany
  • CMCL-C 427 Cross Cultural Communication; OR
    SPCH-S 427 Cross Cultural Communication
  • SUST-C 330 Scientific Foundations in Sustainability
Minor in German for Genealogical Research and Cultural Tourism (15 cr.)
  • GER-G 346 Introduction to Practical Translation Techniques II
  • GER-G 363 Introduction to German Cultural History
  • GER-G 423 The Craft of Translation; OR
    GER-G XXX German for Genealogy
  • HIST-B 418 Germany: Nation and Volk, 1800-Present
  • TESM-T 234 Cultural Heritage Tourism

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