Yi ChengPictured | Yi Cheng, Ph.D. | University of Minnesota, 1992 | Chair and Professor of Mathematics

Mathematical Sciences

Yi Cheng, Ph.D. | Chair
Northside Hall 321 | (574) 520-4519 | math.iusb.edu

  • Professors |  Y. Cheng (Chair), Guan, Shafii-Mousavi
  • Associate Professors | S. Chen, Connor, Savvopoulou (Associate Chair), Song
  • Senior Lecturers | Agarwal, Bradley, Pankow, Schwieterman, Vajiac
  • Faculty Emeriti | Alvis, A. Brown, Choi, Darnel, Frascella, L. Williams

About Mathematical Sciences

Mathematical Sciences offers a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics, Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science, and a Master of Science in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science.

The purpose of the BA in Mathematics program is to provide students with a solid foundation in the traditional core of undergraduate mathematics and to provide experiences that foster the development of analytical and critical reasoning and problem-solving ability. The program requires a minor in an area of liberal arts and science in order to promote interdisciplinary knowledge. It serves those students who plan to seek admission to postgraduate studies in the mathematical sciences or who plan to seek teacher certification in mathematics upon graduation.

The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Mathematics provides students with a comprehensive education in the mathematical sciences. The quantitative curriculum prepares students to solve complex and real world problems and comprehend mathematical concepts. 

There are two tracks for the BS in Mathematics

  • The Applied Mathematics track prepares students for positions in industries, government, and postgraduate education in applied mathematics, statistics, or any related field.
  • The Pure Mathematics track prepares students for postgraduate education in pure mathematics.

The B.S. in Actuarial Science offers a quantitatively rigorous curriculum that includes courses in probability, statistics, finance, quantitative analysis, and other topics. The program fosters critical thinking, creative problem solving, and collaboration. We strive to endow students with skills and credentials necessary to either succeed in positions as professional actuaries or to continue towards graduate studies in related fields.

The M.S. in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (MS in A.M.C.S.) degree program is jointly offered by the departments of Mathematical Sciences and Computer and Information Sciences. This program provides students with advanced education in sophisticated quantitative and computational skills beyond undergraduate program proficiency.

The applied mathematics concentration of the MS in A.M.C.S. program provides the training in analytical rigor, quantitative professional competencies, unstructured problems solving techniques, and statistical analysis techniques that are needed for individuals seeking industrial and governmental positions in, but not limited to, quantitative disciplines and risk management, or seeking to further their education.

The department also offers a minor in mathematics.

A wide variety of service courses are also offered for students majoring in other disciplines, including computer science, physics and other sciences, business and economics, and education. A placement examination is used to match new students with an entry course at an appropriate level.

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