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Matt ShockeyPictured | Matthew Shockey, Ph.D. | The University of Chicago, 2004 | Chair and Associate Professor of Philosophy


Matthew Shockey, Ph.D. | Chair
Wiekamp Hall 3281 | (574) 520-5545 |

  • Professor | L. Collins
  • Associate Professors | Ananth, Shockey (Chair), Shrader, L. Zynda
  • Faculty Emeriti | Naylor, Robbins, Washburn

About Philosophy

Philosophy emphasizes clear, critical, and logical thinking about philosophical problems by locating these problems in everyday experience and in the writings of the great philosophers. Philosophy also stresses reflection on established beliefs and values so that we can achieve a better understanding of ourselves and the world in which we live. The curriculum in philosophy is designed to contribute to the intellectual training of all undergraduates and to acquaint students with some of the most important developments in intellectual history. It is structured to meet the needs not only of those who want to become professional philosophers, but also of those who want to pursue philosophy as a personal interest or as a concentration area to complement study in another field.

The department offers courses in both philosophy and the history and philosophy of science. It is one of several IU South Bend departments that offers courses in religious studies and in cognitive science. Students who wish to focus their study on philosophy and a related area (e.g., art, religion, women’s and gender studies., a social or behavioral science, mathematics, a physical or biological science, or law) are invited to talk with any member of the department about the possible benefits of such options as a double major or a minor in philosophy, religious studies, cognitive science, sustainability studies, or women’s and gender studies.

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Philosophy PHIL | Religious Studies REL

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