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Responsibilities for Program Completion

The School of Education, in cooperation with the Indiana Professional Standards Board, has established certain academic requirements for earning a degree and/or licensure. The requirements vary according to the chosen field of study. Advisors and directors assist students in planning a program of study to satisfy requirements, but each student assumes final responsibility for meeting all deadlines and completing all requirements for certification and graduation. It is therefore essential to be familiar with the licensing requirements set forth in the School of Education Bulletin. If a student in the senior high/junior high/middle school or all school settings (K-12) education program earns certification while enrolled in a degree-granting program in another school of the university, requirements for graduation in the degree-granting school and requirements for certification in the School of Education must both be satisfied. See the section of this bulletin entitled “Completing Teacher Education Program Requirements While Enrolled Outside of the SOE.”

Academic Bulletins

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