Admission to the School of Education

Entering undergraduate and transfer students admitted to Indiana University are assigned to University Division until they are ready to be certified to one of the 14 undergraduate degree-granting colleges and schools that make up the university. Each college or school sets its own criteria for admission, retention, and graduation.

Undergraduates may complete up to 65 credits in University Division before being required to be certified to a college or school degree program. Transfer students have one calendar year to meet admission requirements. Students who fail to certify to the School of Education in a timely fashion will be required to choose another program. Students who have been denied admission to the SOE/TEP, but eventually meet the admission criteria, may reapply for the undergraduate program or complete certification through a graduate program depending on total credit hours completed.

Admission to the School of Education Teacher Education Program (SOE/TEP) is a critical benchmark for teacher candidates. Until an undergraduate student is admitted to the TEP they are not eligible to take authorized professional education courses. Admission to SOE programs is competitive; meeting minimum admission requirements is necessary but not always sufficient for admission. Late applications are considered on a space-available basis. Continuation in the TEP programs requires remaining in “good standing” through continual assessment of student performance.

Until undergraduate students are admitted to the SOE/TEP, they do not have any official status in a program or the SOE.  The SOE reserves the right to change program requirements as the faculty deems necessary, once a student has been admitted to the SOE/TEP the requirements for program completion will be changed only under extraordinary circumstances.

All undergraduate teacher education programs require four criteria for admission. First, all applicants must demonstrate satisfactory basic skills in reading, writing, and mathematics.  Basic skills can be documented with one of the following:  SAT composite scores of at least 1100 on the Critical Reading and Mathematics tests; ACT composite score of 24 or higher on the English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science tests; PRAXIS I minimum scores of 176 for Reading, 172 for Writing, and 175 for Mathematics or a composite score of 527 on the three tests.  Second, each program requires the successful completion of specific prerequisite education courses with a "C or higher for each course" and a 2.5 GPA.  Third, all applicants must have at least 21 credits of course work in the major (at least 15 credit hours completed and up to 6 credit hours in process at the time of application) with a "C or higher in each course" and a 2.5 minimum GPA (except for Mathematics 2.0 GPA).  Fourth, students are required to submit an online application at: by October 1 to start authorized professional education courses during the spring semester or March 1 to start authorized professional education courses during the fall semester (see individual program planning sheets for a specific list of requirements and application dates).

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